CODE BLUE 2018 @ Tokyo に学生スタッフとして参加した話とAVTOKYO2018に参加した話

I participated CODE BLUE 2018 @ Tokyo (#codeblue_jp) international cyber security conference from 10/31 to 11/2, as a student staff.


On the first day, I attended each track as an audience, and I challenged the DTRS CTF held by Deloitte Tohmatsu Risk Services. (I got second place 🥈)

On the second day, I supported Blockchain Track as a time keeper staff. Main topic is an attack method against Ethereum, but I couldn't understand what they speaking due to a lack of study ...
I feel that Blockchain is becoming an indispensable technology, so I think that I want to study more.
In Networking Party, I got a textbook of IoT hacking. So many thanks!


On 11/3, I participated in AvTokyo (#avtokyo) held in Shibuya. This is also a security conference.
At first, I was planning to listen to all the speakings, but almost all time I was challenging in pinja's Open xINT CTF(I got second place) 🥈


It was a lot of fun throughout 4 days and I could concentrate on InfoSec. I would like to participate again next year!


10/31 ~ 11/2にかけて,CODE BLUE 2018 @ Tokyo(#codeblue_jp)という国際カンファレンスに学生スタッフとして参加してきました.

初日は聴講者として各Trackの聴講を行う傍ら,Deloitte Tohmatsu Risk Servicesさんが開催していたDTRS CTFに参加しました.(最終的に2位になれました🥈)

2日目はスタッフとして,Blockchain Trackのサポートを行いました.Ethereumに対する攻撃といったトピックがメインでしたが,勉強不足で何も理解できず...
また,Networking PartyではIoTハッキングの教科書を頂いてしまいました.感謝!

最初は全部のSpeakingを聞こうと思ってましたが,こちらも同じくほとんどずっとpinjaさんのOpen xINT CTFに参加していました.(こちらも2位でした🥈)